Peter of Bergamo
Peter of Bergamo
Italian Dominican theologian (d. 1482)

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Peter of Bergamo
    Peter of Bergamo
     Catholic_Encyclopedia Peter of Bergamo
    A theologian, date of birth unknown; died at Placentia, in 1482. He entered the Dominican Order in his native town, and completed his studies at the University of Bologna, where he received his degree. In the Dominican House of Studies he filled the offices of Master of Students and Bachelor of the Studium. The people of Piacenza venerated him as a saint, and Fr. Leander Alberti states that Miracles were wrought through his intercession. His remains were deposited in a crypt under the high altar of the chapel of St. Thomas. All of his writings that have come down to us deal with the works of St. Thomas: "Index universalis in omnia opera D. Th. de Aquino" (Bologna, 1475) and "Concordantiæ locorum doct. Angel. quæ sibi invicem adversari videntur" (Basle, 1478), combined under the title, "Tabula in libros ... cum additionibus conclusionum, concordantiis locorum et S. Script. auctoritatibus" (Venice, 1497; Rome, 1535). In the edition of St. Thomas's works published by order of St. Pius V all Almadura's indices, etc, appear under the name: "Tabula aurea exim. doct. Fr. Petri de Bergamo ... in omnes libros, opuscula et commentaria D. Th. Aquin...." (Rome, 1570). This "Tabula aurea" was republished as vol. XXV of the Parma edition of St. Thomas's works (Parma, 1873).
    QUÉTIF and ECHARD, Script. Ord. Prœd., I (Paris, 1719), 863; TOURON, Hist. des hommes illustres de l'Ordre de S. Dom., III (Paris, 1746), 529; ALBERTI, De viris illus. Ord. Prœd. (Bologna, 1517); Descrittione di tutta Italia (Bologna, 1550).
    D. J. KENEDY
    Transcribed by Douglas J. Potter Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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