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    Titular see, suffragan of Trajanopolis in Rhodope. A single bishop is known, Paul, who assisted at the council of 878, which re-established Photius (Le Quien, "Oriens christ.", I,1205). The see is mentioned in the "Notitia" of Leo the Wise, about 900 (Gelzer, Ungedruckte .... Notitiæ episcopatuum, 558); in that for 940 (Gelzer, "Georgii Cyprii Descriptio orbis Romani", 79); in that for 1170 under the name of Misinoupolis (Parthey, "Hierocles Synecdemus", 122). The monk Ephrem (Cæsares, V. 5695, in P. G, CXLIII, 216) says that the city was taken in 1190 by the Emperor Frederick of Swabia; and that Calojan, Tsar of the Bulgarians, ravaged it about 1206 (Cæsares, V. 7816). It is not known exactly where this town of Macedonia was situated nor what name it bears today.
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