Achor Valley

Achor Valley
Achor Valley
The scene of the death of the 'troubler' Achan

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Achor Valley
    Achor Valley
     Catholic_Encyclopedia Achor Valley
    The scene of the death of the "troubler" Achan, with whom its name is associated (Jos., vii, 26). Osee foretells the time when this gloomy, ill-omened valley will be for an "opening of hope" to the returning exiles of Israel (Os., ii, 15); another prophet pictures it, in the same glorious future, transformed into a "place for the herds to lie down in" (Is., lxv, 10). It was on the north boundary of Juda, leading past Jericho to the Jordan (Jos., xv, 7).It is commonly identified with the modern Wady-el-Kelt and is usually written Akor.

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