Four Masters, Annals of the
Four Masters, Annals of the
The most extensive of all the compilations of the ancient annals of Ireland

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  • Annals of the Four Masters —     Annals of the Four Masters     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Annals of the Four Masters     The most extensive of all the compilations of the ancient annals of Ireland. They commence, nominally at least, at A.M. 2242 and are continued down to A.D …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Annals of the Four Masters — The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland ( ga. Annala Rioghachta Éireann) or the Annals of the Four Masters ( Annala na gCeithre Mháistrí ) are a chronicle of medieval Irish history. The entries span from the deluge, dated as 2,242 years after… …   Wikipedia

  • Annals of the Four Masters — Annalen der vier Meister. Die Annalen der vier Meister (irisch: Annála Ríoghdhachta Éireann, englisch: Annals of the Four Masters, lateinisch: Quatuor Magistrorum Annales Hibernici) ist die umfangreichste mittelalterliche Chronik Irlands. Sie… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Annals of Ulster — The Annals of Ulster ( ga. Annála Uladh) are a chronicle of medieval Ireland. The entries span the years between AD 431 and AD 1540. The entries up to AD 1489 were compiled in the late 15th century by the scribe Ruaidhrí Ó Luinín, under his… …   Wikipedia

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  • Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench for Ireland — The Court of King s Bench (or Court of Queen s Bench during the reign of a Queen) was one of the senior courts of common law in Ireland. It was a mirror of the Court of King s Bench in England. The Lord Chief Justice was the most senior judge in… …   Wikipedia

  • Names of the Irish state — The front cover of an Irish passport showing the name of the state in its two official languages. There have been various names of the Irish state, some of which have been controversial. The constitutional name of the contemporary state is… …   Wikipedia

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