William of Auvergne
William of Auvergne
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  • William of Auvergne — can refer to several people: * William of Auvergne, Bishop of Paris (1228 1249) * William IV of Auvergne (989–1016) (also called William I or V) * William V of Auvergne (1032–1064) (also called William II or VI) * William VI of Auvergne… …   Wikipedia

  • WILLIAM OF AUVERGNE° — (c. 1180–1249), French theologian and philosopher. Born in Aurillac, William was professor of theology at the University of Paris and bishop of that city from 1228 until his death. His principal work is Magisterium divinale, a collection of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • William of Auvergne — French Guillaume d Auvergne born after 1180, Aurillac, France died 1249, Paris French philosopher and theologian. Named bishop of Paris in 1228, William was a reformer who defended the rising mendicant orders against attacks by the secular clergy …   Universalium

  • William of Auvergne — See Metaphysics and science in the thirteenth century …   History of philosophy

  • William of Auvergne (bishop) — William of Auvergne (1190 1249) was the Bishop of Paris from 1228 to his death in 1249. He was a Scholastic philosopher at the University of Paris before being raised to the episcopate. He was born in Aurillac in the last years of the twelfth… …   Wikipedia

  • Metaphysics and science in the thirteenth century: William of Auvergne, Robert Grosseteste and Roger Bacon — Steven Marrone By the third decade of the thirteenth century there emerge the first signs of a new metaphysics. Alongside Neoplatonizing idealism we now see attempts to lay greater emphasis on the ontological density of the created world and to… …   History of philosophy

  • William of Paris [or Auvergne] — (c. 1180–1249)    Bishop and Theologian.    William was Bishop of Paris from 1228 and he was an influential figure at the court of King Louis ix. He is mainly remembered for his encyclopaedic Magisterium Divinale which covered topics such as the… …   Who’s Who in Christianity

  • William VII the Young of Auvergne — was a Count of the region of Auvergne, France during the years 1143 1155. He accompanied the French king, Louis VII, on the Second Crusade.William was the first Count of Auvergne to be given the title Dauphin (Prince). What is by convenience… …   Wikipedia

  • William VI, Count of Auvergne — William VI of Auvergne (1096 1136) was a French count of the historically independent region of Auvergne, today in central France …   Wikipedia

  • William V of Auvergne — William V (1000 1064) succeeded his father, Robert I, as count of Auvergne in 1032. He made donations to the church of Clermont in 1030 and 1034. At Pentecost 1059 he assisted at the coronation of Philip I. In 1054 he maried Philipa, daughter of… …   Wikipedia

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